Martine Sophia von Gleich

Violin Performances

Specializes in contemporary music and improvisation.

Concerts 2023


“I love her technique,” Stearns says. “I love the fact that there’s none of that syrupy faking or anything like that. But, more than that, I love the fact that she is not only willing to show us who she is, but she’s able to, because the technique is so precise.”

“She has a great honesty — on top of her beauty, naturally — and you feel it,” Dubugnon says. “She’s completely dedicated to her instrument and to the music. She serves music, like, 200 percent. There is no fuss. There is no ego. It’s just complete dedication and gift.”

“It’s so important, I think, that you do that from a young age and learn to communicate through music,” “Listen to each other, react to each other; just be, you know, aware of everything. “


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